Gallarate – Milano’s Charming Neighbor to the North – Day 2 – Part 1

DSCN6619I didn’t waste much time, once that I woke up, on my second day in Gallarate.  I had a quick breakfast, and then began to explore, wanting to discover more of what this city had to offer!  DSCN6624The Chiesa di San Francesco is one of the newer churches in the area, dating back only to 1906.DSCN6625The church is located in Piazza Risorgimento, which also functions as a sort of traffic circle.DSCN6627DSCN6628DSCN6635DSCN6638DSCN6640DSCN6642DSCN6646In Piazza Garibaldi, you will find the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi.DSCN6647DSCN6643DSCN6649DSCN6650I almost wish that I had an account with the Banca Popolare di Novara, simply because the Palazzo, in which the bank is housed, looked beautiful, and the central courtyard, with an old well, was charming, to say the least!DSCN6651DSCN6653DSCN6661My first stop was to be the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, which is the principal church of the city.  DSCN6546The church was built on the site of two earlier churches.  The bell tower, or campanile, is from the second of the earlier churches, as it dates from 1454.  The Basilica, as we see it today, dates from 1856.DSCN6547DSCN6548DSCN6549DSCN6551DSCN6665I didn’t spend much time inside of the Basilica, as the renovation work and scaffolding made exploring it a bit difficult. DSCN6673DSCN6675A plaque commemorates the site of the old Feudal Court, and the House of the Fajetto.DSCN6677DSCN6596DSCN6678DSCN6684DSCN6685DSCN6686DSCN6688DSCN6689DSCN6692DSCN6696DSCN6697DSCN6698DSCN6699DSCN6700DSCN6702DSCN6704DSCN6705DSCN6708DSCN6710DSCN6714The Biblioteca Civica Luigi Majno is the main library of the city.  DSCN6716DSCN6718DSCN6720DSCN6721DSCN6726DSCN6727DSCN6728


Next up: A visit to Museo Maga, and more from Gallarate!


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