Gallarate – Milano’s Charming Neighbor to the North – Day 1

DSCN6527I didn’t know much about the city of Gallarate when I chose it as the last city on my fall trip.  I did know that it had a couple of museums, a few parks, and a nice selection of restaurants to dine in.  And it was close to Malpensa Airport ( approximately 15 minutes by car or taxi).   I was going to spend three nights there, and then catch a plane, so I thought to myself, why not give it a try!  I was glad that I did!

I arrived on a train, from Milano.  I had booked a room at a B&B for myself, and since it was in walking distance from the train station, once I arrived, I set out on foot to find it.  Ten minutes later, I was in my room, getting settled, and shortly after that, I set out to explore the place that I would call home for the next few days.  One of the first things that I saw was the impressive Monumento ai Caduti (pictured above), by Enrico Butti, which was erected in 1924, in honor of those who lost their lives in the First World War.

Nearby, you find the Teatro Condominio Vittorio Gassman.DSCN6529DSCN6528First opened in 1862, under the name “Teatro Sociale,” the structure was renovated in 2006, and opened under its new name.  DSCN6531DSCN6530DSCN6532DSCN6534DSCN6535DSCN6539DSCN6543DSCN6545DSCN6555Piazza della Liberta is the city’s main square.  The streets leading up to it are lined with shops of all sorts.  At some point, on any given day, everyone passes through here.DSCN6557DSCN6558DSCN6564The Chiesa di San Pietro is the oldest church in Gallarate.  It dates from the 11th century.  DSCN6563DSCN6560DSCN6657DSCN6562DSCN6559Bistrot Riviera is a great place for lunch, or a drink before dinner.  They serve delicious salads and sandwiches, as well as having a full bar.  DSCN6566DSCN6568DSCN6570DSCN6571DSCN6574I came upon a shop that had transformed its courtyard into a Christmas wonderland.  DSCN6576DSCN6578DSCN6580DSCN6584DSCN6581DSCN6589DSCN6591DSCN6592Dating from the 15th century, the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio is a little jewel in the city.  DSCN6593DSCN6601DSCN6607


Next up: more from Gallarate, including a visit to the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta!


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