Gallarate – Milano’s Charming Neighbor to the North – Day 2 – Part 2

DSCN6730For a small city, Gallarate has more than its share of art that is worth taking the time to see.  My afternoon destination was, in fact, the city’s art museum, Museo Maga.  But, more on that later.  Using a map that I was given at the B&B, I slowly made my way towards the museum.  DSCN6732DSCN6733Before I knew it, I was standing before the Cimitero Monumentale di Gallarate.  Whenever I see that a city has a monumental cemetery, I try and make a point of visiting it.  DSCN6741DSCN6742DSCN6743DSCN6744DSCN6745DSCN6746DSCN6748DSCN6753DSCN6754DSCN6755DSCN6758DSCN6759DSCN6760DSCN6762DSCN6764I found walking through this cemetery to be a peaceful and enriching experience.  I was moved by what I saw around me, and there were sculpted pieces everywhere, each one more beautiful than the one before.  DSCN6765DSCN6766DSCN6767DSCN6768DSCN6769DSCN6771DSCN6772DSCN6773DSCN6775DSCN6776DSCN6778DSCN6783DSCN6785DSCN6788DSCN6792DSCN6794DSCN6799DSCN6804DSCN6806DSCN6807DSCN6809DSCN6812DSCN6815DSCN6818DSCN6820DSCN6821DSCN6824DSCN6826DSCN6828DSCN6832DSCN6835


Next up: a local market, and I finally explore the Museo Maga!


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