FIUMICINO – 2017 – Day Two – Part Two

DSCN4562Just outside of the park, in the center of a roundabout, is a small sculpture of a plane —  a monument of sorts, to the airport that is only a few minutes away.DSCN4564In Isola Sacra, you will also find shopping plazas.  Among other shops, in this one, you can find Conad — one of Italy’s major supermarket chains.  And for those who crave a bit of Americana — there is always Mickey D’s, or McDonald’s, as it’s more commonly known.DSCN4565DSCN4567DSCN4568DSCN4573DSCN4577DSCN4578DSCN4580DSCN4581As I walked, I came upon the Chiesa di Santa Paola Frassinetti, a lovely, modern church.DSCN4583DSCN4584DSCN4585DSCN4587DSCN4590DSCN4594DSCN4597DSCN4598DSCN4599DSCN4600“When the light of the day abandons us, we think of you, Maria!”DSCN4601It somehow seemed perfectly normal to find a boxing ring, set up in the middle of a field.  DSCN4603DSCN4606DSCN4608At the end of Via del Faro, one can find the Faro Vecchio, or the Old Lighthouse.  Damaged by bombing during the German retreat, at the end of World War II, it is basically abandoned now, except for the fishermen who cast their lines off of the rocky surroundings.  DSCN4612DSCN4613DSCN4619DSCN4621As I walked along the beach, it was easy to imagine just how crowded it must be during the peak vacation season.  Now, I pretty much had the place to myself, but in the middle of August, it would be a very different experience.  DSCN4625DSCN4628DSCN4631DSCN4633DSCN4634DSCN4635DSCN4638DSCN4639DSCN4642DSCN4643DSCN4647

Next up: one last day exploring the lovely city of Fiumicino!

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