FIUMICINO – 2017 – Day Two – Part One

DSCN4430.JPGI find it hard to resist the urge to get outdoors when I wake and find the day filled with glorious sunshine, especially when I am in Italia!  So, I quickly showered and dressed, and then headed out to explore my surroundings a bit more.

Like most of Italy’s cities, Fiumicino has a small, but charming, covered market.  During market hours, mainly in the morning, you can find locals selecting fish, meat, and vegetables for their next meal.DSCN4432DSCN4434DSCN4437DSCN4458DSCN4461The Town Hall of Fiumicino is really an architectural jewel.  The roof, which slopes down to street level and has steps which function as seats, was designed as a sort of public piazza, where the people of the city could gather, relax, and spend time.  DSCN4438DSCN4440DSCN4442DSCN4443DSCN4444DSCN4445DSCN4446Connecting the main section of Fiumicino to the area known as Isola Sacra, is the Ponte 2 Giugno.  This modern drawbridge is one of the main thoroughfares of the city.  DSCN4448DSCN4453DSCN4463DSCN4464DSCN4454Reminders that Fiumicino is a working fishing town are everywhere!DSCN4455.JPGDSCN4457DSCN4469DSCN4473Close to the bridge, on the Isola Sacra side, you find the Chiesa del Crocifisso.  DSCN4476DSCN4480DSCN4481DSCN4482DSCN4483DSCN4485DSCN4488DSCN4489DSCN4490DSCN4491DSCN4494DSCN4497Just past the church, one comes to the Parco Villa Guglielmi.  This is Fiumicino’s main public park.  There are lanes to walk along, jogging paths, a lake, streams, play areas, all in the gardens of what was once a private residence.  DSCN4501DSCN4505DSCN4507DSCN4513DSCN4514DSCN4521DSCN4529DSCN4531DSCN4538DSCN4546DSCN4549DSCN4555DSCN4558

Next up: more exploring in the area of Isola Sacra, and the lovely town of Fiumicino!

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