FIUMICINO – 2017 – Day Three

DSCN4649DSCN4650DSCN4652I had one day left of my stay in Fiumicino, and I was going to explore as much as I could.  There are a few archaeological sites near Fiumicino, in the surrounding area, but unfortunately, for me, they were not open during the few days that I was staying there.  That said, I was more than content to stroll around the city, and its environs, even though there was no main “attraction” on hand.DSCN4656DSCN4659DSCN4665DSCN4668DSCN4671DSCN4672DSCN4674DSCN4675The Church of Santa Maria Stella Maris is located down Via Giorgio Giorone, one of the small shopping streets in the Isola Sacra area.  DSCN4680DSCN4683DSCN4686DSCN4689DSCN4690DSCN4691DSCN4693DSCN4694DSCN4695DSCN4696DSCN4698DSCN4699DSCN4701DSCN4702DSCN4703DSCN4704DSCN4705DSCN4706DSCN4711DSCN4713DSCN4714DSCN4715DSCN4716DSCN4717DSCN4718DSCN4719DSCN4721DSCN4722DSCN4723DSCN4724DSCN4725DSCN4726DSCN4727DSCN4728DSCN4729DSCN4730DSCN4733DSCN4735As I was walking along Via della Scafa, getting closer to the airport, and away from the city of Fiumicino, I noticed some old structures.  As the sun would be setting soon, I decided to head back to the hotel, with plans of  exploring this area, in more detail, on my next visit.  DSCN4736

Next up: the beautiful town of Castel Gandolfo!


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