VARESE – DAY 3 – pt 1

DSCN3105I had one more day left in Varese, and quite a few items left on my “to do” list.  So, it being a beautiful day, I set out right after breakfast to begin exploring.DSCN3106DSCN3107DSCN3108DSCN3112DSCN3113DSCN3117I was heading to the north part of the city, to visit a villa/park that I had read about.  This area is, literally, full of villas — some are now open to the public, and it would take more than one visit to Varese to be able to see them all.  DSCN3118It was early on a Sunday morning, and the churches all had masses at the time, so I only took pictures of the exteriors, saving the interiors of the beautiful buildings for another visit.  Note: it is not polite, or appropriate to visit a church in Italy, or any other country, for that matter, when there is a service taking place.  DSCN3196DSCN3119DSCN3124DSCN3128DSCN3130DSCN3132DSCN3133DSCN3136As the buildings became more spread apart, I figured that I was nearing my destination — and I was!  I was heading to the Castello di Masnago and the Parco Mantegazza.  DSCN3139DSCN3142The Castello di Masnago is a XV century castle, which is now a museum featuring modern and contemporary art.  DSCN3145DSCN3146DSCN3152DSCN3149DSCN3150This is a wonderful museum, and even though the walk from the town takes a while (about thirty minutes), it is well worth visiting.DSCN3153DSCN3154DSCN3159DSCN3164DSCN3165DSCN3167DSCN3169The frescoes that adorned the walls of the castle were just as interesting, to me, as the modern art was.DSCN3172DSCN3171After I finished my visit of the Castle, I explored the surrounding area a bit.DSCN3173DSCN3176DSCN3179DSCN3184DSCN3186DSCN3187DSCN3189DSCN3190DSCN3192DSCN3198DSCN3199DSCN3206DSCN3209DSCN3212DSCN3215

Next up: a wonderful afternoon exploring another villa in Varese, and a visit to a festival honoring Italian street food!

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