DSCN2701Continuing on the path, heading away from Villa Mirabello, you suddenly find yourself in the delightful Giardini Estensi, with the lovely Palazzo Estensi at its bottom.  Take your time, and stroll slowly through this beautiful park!  DSCN2703DSCN2716When it was first built, the Palazzo stood outside of the city walls.  Now, it is the centerpiece of this lovely city, and also home to municipal offices.  On the day that I visited, a Saturday, the place was full of couples getting married at the town hall.  DSCN2715.JPGDSCN2718DSCN2722DSCN2725DSCN2729DSCN2731DSCN2734DSCN2736DSCN2738Among the monuments lining the ground-floor entrance way of the Palazzo is one dedicated to Giuseppe Macchi — a hero of the Resistance.  DSCN2740DSCN2742DSCN2746DSCN2750DSCN2751DSCN2753DSCN2767DSCN2775After leaving the Palazzo, and its beautiful gardens, I decided to explore a bit more of the city.DSCN2779DSCN2783DSCN2788DSCN2790DSCN2799DSCN2800DSCN2801DSCN2806DSCN2808DSCN2810DSCN2811DSCN2822DSCN2821DSCN2828DSCN2829Villa Recalcati has had many different lives – first as a residence, then as a hotel, and now as the home of the Prefettura (Prefect’s office), of Varese.  DSCN2831DSCN2838DSCN2852The Schirannetta is a small church which dates from the 11th century.  The frescoes on the front of the building are beautiful, and make the effort it takes to find the structure well worth it!  DSCN2856Built in 1913, in the Liberty Style, the Grand Hotel towers over the city, sitting on top of a hill, as it does.  DSCN2861DSCN2867DSCN2869DSCN2872DSCN2874DSCN2876Originally built as a convent for Benedictine nuns, the Chiostro di Sant’ Antonio is now being used as private homes, and apartments.  DSCN2888DSCN2892DSCN2883DSCN2890DSCN2897DSCN2901DSCN2904DSCN2916DSCN2922DSCN2943DSCN2946DSCN2953DSCN2962DSCN2964DSCN2976DSCN2982The Chiesa della Madonnina in Prato was built in the 17th century.  While compact, it is beautiful, and the two “Telamoni” supporting the weight of the porch, help to give it a striking facade.  DSCN2987DSCN2993DSCN2995DSCN2996DSCN2998DSCN3001DSCN3005DSCN3010DSCN2988DSCN3012DSCN3014DSCN3018DSCN3019DSCN3020DSCN3023DSCN3024DSCN3034DSCN3044DSCN3046DSCN3051DSCN3057DSCN3065DSCN3068DSCN3075Il Cavedio is an art and music bar, located in the historical center of Varese.  It is a great spot for a drink before dinner, or after, for that matter!DSCN3076DSCN3086

Next up: more from Varese, including a visit to the Sala Veratti!


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