VARESE – DAY 3 – Pt 2

DSCN3216I stumbled upon this little art-filled garden, and was immediately charmed by what I saw.  The purpose of art should be to make the viewer feel something, and this art simply made me feel good!  I loved it!DSCN3217DSCN3219DSCN3220DSCN3221DSCN3224DSCN3225DSCN3218There seemed to be quite a lot happening in the city on this lovely Sunday.  I even found a small car show.DSCN3232DSCN3234DSCN3239DSCN3247DSCN3249DSCN3255I set out to find another villa/park that I had seen on a map, and which looked as if it were not too far away.  As I walked, I came upon the old train station.  DSCN3256DSCN3258DSCN3262My next destination was the Villa & Parco Torelli Mylius.  While it was not possible to visit the interior of the villa, the surrounding gardens have been made into a lovely public park, and make for a nice afternoon stroll.DSCN3263DSCN3266DSCN3270DSCN3272DSCN3273DSCN3274DSCN3278DSCN3280The villa was originally built to house a convent.  The gardens were used for farming, and the breeding of sheep.  It is hard to imagine the building that you see now, being used for those purposes.  DSCN3281DSCN3284DSCN3286DSCN3287DSCN3310DSCN3312DSCN3315DSCN3316DSCN3318DSCN3322DSCN3325DSCN3333DSCN3335DSCN3377DSCN3380DSCN3383DSCN3388Even though I didn’t have time to visit the museum, there was time to check out the neighborhood, and the park surrounding Villa Ponti.DSCN3393Walking along the narrow road, which leads up to the villa, was a little nerve-racking, but I did it, and after about fifteen minutes, arrived at the top.DSCN3394DSCN3395DSCN3400Villa Ponti is actually made up of two separate villas — one a museum, the other, a convention center.  I was exploring the park around the convention center villa.  DSCN3402DSCN3403This section of the city is called Biumo Superiore, and is the oldest, and noblest of all of the “Castellanze”, or zones of the city.DSCN3404DSCN3405DSCN3406DSCN3424DSCN3428DSCN3427DSCN3417DSCN3418DSCN3422DSCN3425DSCN3426DSCN3438My last stop before heading out to dinner was going to be the festival celebrating Italian street food.  I had a couple of glasses of wine, and walked around, listening to live music, and crowd watching.  DSCN3442DSCN3446DSCN3448DSCN3455DSCN3462DSCN3460

Next up;  a brief visit to wonderful Milano!

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