DSCN5837DSCN5696The train ride from Piacenza to Fidenza takes approximately twenty minutes, depending on the train that one takes.  I arrived in Fidenza before noon, and so, had plenty of time to unpack and begin to explore this city.  Since I was staying at the Hotel Due Spade, right off of Piazza Garibaldi, I thought that the large public square was the best place to begin my explorations.  DSCN5699DSCN5701DSCN5703DSCN5705DSCN5704DSCN5706DSCN5707DSCN5714DSCN5716DSCN5720DSCN5721DSCN5724DSCN5726DSCN5730Palazzo Comunale was built between 1273 and 1354.  DSCN5732DSCN5736DSCN5739In front of Palazzo Comunale is an obelisk dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.  DSCN5842DSCN5843DSCN5741DSCN5742DSCN5744.JPGThe Teatro Girolamo Magnani was built in 1813 by the architect Nicola Bettoli.  It is named after the famous set designer Girolamo Magnani, who was from Fidenza.DSCN5745DSCN5752DSCN5754DSCN5760DSCN5780DSCN5811DSCN5813The Oratorio di San Giorgio has had a long and complex history.  The sacred building was erected in 1314.  In 1902, it was deconsecrated, and used as a storehouse.  It was damaged during WWII, and then restored in 1969.  This took until 2002 to finish.  It is now an exhibition center.  DSCN5814DSCN5815DSCN5816DSCN5821DSCN5822DSCN5831DSCN5832DSCN5834DSCN5838DSCN5839DSCN5850DSCN5851The Chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata was built in the late 12th century.  DSCN5852DSCN5855DSCN5862DSCN5865DSCN5868

Next up: more from Fidenza, including a visit to the famous Duomo!


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