PIACENZA – Day Three – pt 2

DSCN5381I was continuing my walk along part of the old city walls.  DSCN5380Before I knew it, the section of walls had ended, and I was back inside the city proper.  There was another section of the walls that I wanted to explore, but that I would save for a little later, as it was on the other side of the city.DSCN5385DSCN5387DSCN5388.JPGThe Casa del Mutilata was built in 1938, to aid those maimed and injured in World War I.  DSCN5389.JPGDSCN5399The Chiesa di San Sisto is a beautiful building which dates back to the 14th century.  DSCN5404DSCN5406DSCN5410DSCN5413Unfortunately, the church was closed, so I could not go inside.  I did walk around the outside area, though.DSCN5417DSCN5425 I made my way over to the other side of the city, to see the walls that remained over there.  Along the way, I ran into this lovely monument in the middle of a street.  DSCN5450DSCN5452DSCN5454DSCN5460Along this segment of wall was a small park, which featured kiddie rides, cafes, etc.DSCN5466DSCN5473DSCN5491DSCN5477DSCN5476DSCN5486DSCN5495DSCN5498DSCN5499DSCN5500DSCN5509DSCN5516DSCN5523DSCN5524DSCN5531DSCN5537DSCN5538DSCN5540DSCN5543DSCN5564Aris Cafe is a fun, lively spot in the center of town, and is perfect for an aperitivo or even an after dinner drink.  DSCN5567DSCN5570DSCN5595DSCN5605DSCN5608In my opinion, Osteria Carducci was, hands down,  the best restaurant that I had the pleasure of eating in while in Piacenza.  The food was wonderful, and very reasonably priced.  Service could not have been better!  I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this lovely city!DSCN5609DSCN5616DSCN5614DSCN5625DSCN5627DSCN5639DSCN5641DSCN5648DSCN5656DSCN5669DSCN5689

Next up: A wonderful journey, in the beautiful city of Fidenza!


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