DSCN5911Having given myself three whole days in Fidenza, I felt as if I could take my time exploring the city.  Not having a car, I wasn’t going to take any long day trips, so I leisurely made my way around the town on foot.  DSCN5913DSCN5938DSCN5940DSCN5943DSCN5945DSCN5946DSCN5948The Church of Sant’Antonio Abate was built by Antonian monks in the late 12th century.  DSCN5951DSCN5956The building adjoining the church was used as a monastery, and as a hospital for pilgrims.  DSCN5955DSCN5958DSCN5963DSCN5969DSCN5973DSCN5984DSCN5998DSCN6001DSCN6002While it is a bit of a walk from the city center, the Oratorio della Zappella is a lovely spot, and one that I recommend you visit, when in Fidenza.  It is tiny!  But, I found it utterly charming, and St. Francis stayed here, while making his way through Fidenza.  DSCN6003DSCN6005DSCN6009After I paid a brief visit to the Oratory, I made my way back towards the center of town.DSCN6016DSCN6019DSCN6029DSCN6031DSCN6040DSCN6042The Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo is another impressive structure, located along the main shopping street in Fidenza.  DSCN6034DSCN6045Nearby is the city’s public school.DSCN6046DSCN6047DSCN6053DSCN6068DSCN6056DSCN6057DSCN6061DSCN6073DSCN6084DSCN6090DSCN6091DSCN6092DSCN6107DSCN6111DSCN6110DSCN6117DSCN6118DSCN6119DSCN6122DSCN6126DSCN6137DSCN6138DSCN6140I ventured as far as the Chiesa Parrochiale di San Lionardo da Limoges, before turning around and heading back towards the center of town.DSCN6143DSCN6156DSCN6158DSCN6157

Next up: a visit to the famous Cathedral of Fidenza, and the Museo Diocesano, as well as a festival and party in the Piazza!

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