ROMA – FALL 2016 – Pt 4

DSCN2276DSCN2280DSCN2359DSCN2374The Chiesa delle Sacre Stigmati di S. Francesco is located just off of Largo Argentina.  Most of the time, whenever I would pass this place, it was always closed, the gates alongside the front of the church’s porch, locked and bolted.  But, this time it was open, and so in I went.  DSCN2375DSCN2377DSCN2378DSCN2515DSCN2520DSCN2526DSCN2543DSCN2554DSCN2556DSCN2578DSCN2579The Chiesa di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte is a very lovely church.  Some Romans refer to it as the Santuario Basilica Madonna del Miracolo.  This is due to the third chapel on the left side of the church, which marks the spot where the Madonna appeared to a young Jewish man, in 1842, and he converted to Catholicism afterwards.  DSCN2580DSCN2583DSCN2586DSCN2591Nearby is the Oratorio dell Angelo Custode, or the Oratorio del Santissimo Sacramento al Tritone, as it used to be known.  DSCN2597DSCN2598DSCN2601DSCN2634My next destination was the Villa Borghese neighborhood, and the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna.  I got off of the tram at the beginning of Via delle Belle Arti, and walked to the museum.DSCN2828DSCN2820DSCN2833DSCN2834DSCN2842DSCN2844DSCN2845DSCN2846I have visited this museum a few times, and each time that I do, it amazes me that there are not more people inside.  I understand that most people come to Roma searching for antiquity, and religious experiences, but next time that you are in this city, do yourself a favor and pay this place a visit.  You will see beautiful art, in a fantastic building, the Palazzo delle Belle Arti, and afterwards you can even take a walk through the park.  DSCN2857DSCN2885DSCN2886DSCN2899DSCN2920DSCN2927DSCN2934DSCN2938DSCN2958DSCN2968DSCN2972DSCN2988After spending a few hours in a museum, I like nothing better than taking a slow walk through part of the lovely Villa Borghese.  DSCN2999DSCN3001DSCN3005DSCN3014DSCN3013DSCN3018DSCN3020DSCN3023DSCN3037DSCN3038DSCN3058DSCN3071DSCN3072DSCN3077DSCN3100Once outside of the park, one finds oneself back in the thriving metropolis that is modern day Roma.DSCN3102DSCN3111DSCN3114DSCN3137DSCN3128.JPG


Next up: a stop in Milano!


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