ROMA – FALL 2016 – Pt 3

DSCN1856It seems that no matter how many times I return to Roma, there are still new places to visit.  And what do you expect with a city that has the history that this one has!  Why?  There are more than 900 churches in Roma, plus museums, archeological areas, palazzos, etc.   It’s enough to keep a person busy for a very long, long time!DSCN1862The Chiesa di San Giacomo in Augusta was one of the churches that I’d never seen before, so I decided to stop and have a look around.DSCN1864The church, dedicated to St. James, was for many years attached to a hospital which catered to the “incurables” of Rome — those suffering from leprosy, the plague, and syphilis.  DSCN1863DSCN1859DSCN1880DSCN1866DSCN1871Nearby is the studio where the artist Antonio Canova worked.  Inside, there is now an art school.DSCN1872DSCN1876DSCN1897DSCN2051DSCN2054DSCN2059DSCN2066Also near Piazza del Popolo is the incredible Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen.  DSCN2070This place is a MUST-SEE when in Roma.  Hendrik was born in Norway, but at the age of one moved to the United States with his parents.  There he began to sculpt, and after a grand tour of Europe, he decided to settle in Roma.  He stayed there for over forty years.  He personally designed and oversaw the building of Villa Helene, which was to become his home, and years later, the museum that we can now visit.  Admission to the museum is free!  The art is amazing!  DSCN2073DSCN2076DSCN2080DSCN2082DSCN1930The Galleria Lorcan O’Neill is a modern art gallery found on a small, winding street, not far from Campo dei Fiori, and its famous market.  While I enjoyed the exhibition that was currently on display at the gallery, for me, the real draw was the small courtyard from which one enters the space, and the water fountain that adorned it.DSCN1918DSCN1923DSCN1924DSCN1928DSCN1948DSCN1949Since I was close to Campo dei Fiori, I headed over there to pick up some lunch — a porchetta sandwich — roasted pork on a fresh roll!DSCN1962DSCN1960DSCN1974DSCN1985DSCN1996DSCN2015DSCN2150DSCN2156DSCN2157DSCN2159Another area which is lovely to explore is the Prati section of the city.  This is the area just north of the Vatican, alongside the river.  It is lined with high-end shops, restaurants, and private residences.DSCN2178DSCN2190DSCN2192DSCN2199DSCN2202DSCN2204DSCN2206DSCN2219DSCN2221DSCN2225DSCN2227

Next Up: a trip to the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna!


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