MILANO – Fall 2016 – Part 1


Milano is such a large and interesting city that when I visit, I like to stay in different neighborhoods.  This allows me to explore, at my leisure, a part of the city that I might not have visited, if staying in the center of the city, near the main tourist attractions.  For this particular visit, I chose an apartment a few steps away from Porta Romana.


This is a mainly residential area, made up of elegant apartment buildings, and dotted here and there with noteworthy attractions.


One of the sights that I wanted to see, since I was staying in the area, was the Rotonda della Besana.


The Rotonda was a circular complex built between 1695 and 1732.  The walls and columns surrounded the now defunct church of San Michele ai Sepolcri.  The grounds were also home to a cemetery where the poor of the city were buried in a complex of underground catacombs, which today are no longer accessible.


The building that was once the church is now a children’s museum, which I chose not to visit, opting instead to explore the surrounding streets a bit.


Before I knew it, I found myself in Piazza Missori, in front of the ancient ruins of San Giovanni in Conca.  I had walked by this semi-circular ruin many times, and often wondered what it looked like inside.  Luckily, the space was open, and I was able to go in.  Admission is free for this archeological site, and it is definitely worth a visit when in Milano.


I continued exploring streets, not heading in any specific direction, but rather, just letting my feet and my eyes guide me.


Not far from Porta Romana, you will find Giannasi 1967.  Actually, you will probably smell it before you see it.  The aroma of roast chicken literally floats through the air, as one nears the place.  This is one of Milan’s top spots for roast chicken and vegetables.  It looked so good, and I would have stopped and picked myself up a bird or two, but I had dinner reservations, so I made do with just staring at the delicious looking meat, and salivating.


I had dinner that night at Contraste.  I cannot say enough about this restaurant.  The food is wonderful — fun, creative, delicious cuisine.  I highly recommend it!


Next up: More from Milano!


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