Milano – Day 2

On Day 2 in Milano, I left the apartment with a destination in mind.  I was going to walk from where I was staying, to Piazza Scala, the square facing the world famous theater, La Scala, and then I was going to visit the Gallerie d’Italia, an art museum whose entrance is on the square, and which I had never visited before.

Not having any particular time restrictions, I leisurely made my way towards the center of town.


Milano, to me, is such a fascinating mix of old and new.  Living in New York City, I am not easily impressed with tall buildings, but the ones in Milano, they are really something else!  It is really a well thought-out city.  The tall buildings are not built one on top of the other, but rather, with public space surrounding them, making it a very interesting and enjoyable experience to visit them.


Milano is one of the cities where I really enjoy window shopping!  You never know what you will see, as you walk down the city streets.

Even though it was probably a good hour’s walk, it seemed as though I made it to the Gallerie d’Italia in no time at all.  Looking around at the crowds, in the piazza outside of the place, one would think that the museum would be packed to the rafters with people,  but that was not the case at all!  I practically had the place to myself.  With what I thought was an exceedingly low admission price (€6.00), one purchases a ticket, and is able to wander around a beautiful building, looking at amazing art for a few hours.  I was in heaven!


There is a delightful courtyard in the complex that, on the day that I visited, had wonderful modern art installed all around it.  I could have stayed out there all day!


The museum also had an exhibit featuring the stucco decorations of the Italian artist, Canova, which I found fascinating.


After a brief rest back at the apartment, I headed back out for the evening.  I wanted to do a bit more discovering, and then I was going to have dinner at a restaurant that I had been wanting to try, for a couple of years now.


My dinner reservation was at a vegetarian restaurant by the name of Joia (Joy).  And it was!  This had to be one of the best meals I have ever had in Milano.  I opted for one of the three tasting menus (8 plates), and each plate was more interesting and tasty than the one before it.  The food was beautifully presented, delicious to eat, and even though I was basically eating all vegetables, I was fully sated by the time that I left the restaurant.  I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a culinary experience in Milano.


In my travels, I also stumbled upon what has to be one of the world’s only typewriter museums.  Alas, it was closed when I passed by, but who knows, maybe on another visit.


Next up: The enchanting city of Genova!


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