Milano – Day 1 – Part 2

Needless to say, I wandered around the cemetery for hours.


The monument, titled “The Kiss,” is one of the most famous in the cemetery.


The Campari Family’s tomb is nothing less than a life-size version of the Last Supper.  It is incredible to see!


I spent a total of five and a half hours in the Cimitero Monumentale, after which it was time for a cocktail, so I headed down towards the Duomo, to find a place to reflect on my day, and sip a Negroni!


I finally settled at a table outside, facing the Duomo, at Bar Duomo, where I ordered the most expensive Negroni I have ever had!  Without looking at a menu, I asked for a Negroni.  The waiter then asked me if I wanted a small one, or a large one.  I really only wanted a normal one.  I didn’t say that though, and ended up with a Negroni that was big enough to satisfy three people, and set me back €45, or about $55.  It was a hell of a drink though!  (Stay away from this bar!)


After finishing the drink, I walked around for a bit more, and then headed over to a restaurant called BYS Milano, where I dined on wild boar terrine, followed by deer with grapefruit and mushrooms.  It was heavenly!


Next up: More from Milano!


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