Genova – Day 1 – Part 1

I love this city!  There, that’s said and done with!  But, it’s true.  In my opinion, Genova has it all!  Rich in history, it’s also home to incredible art, the birthplace of such culinary delights as pesto and, of course, Genova salami — not to mention the delicious farinata.  It also has enough winding alleyways and hilltop walkways, which lead down to delightful seaside strolls, to make even the most adventurous traveler content and satisfied, after a day spent exploring.

Once again, using, I found a lovely, two-bedroom apartment (Appartamento Duomo), right on the piazza in front of the city’s main Cathedral, Piazza San Lorenzo.  It came with two bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, sitting area, and even a small office space.


Looking out of the living room windows, one had a lovely view of the piazza in front of us.


I love walking around this city.  There is something to see everywhere you look!


Even the doorways are beautiful!


A short walk down to the harbor area led us to Palazzo San Giorgio — today the home of the city’s Port Authority.


The waterfront stretches out from there.


While nearby is the medieval tower of the Ceba Family.


One should be sure to allow oneself to get as lost as possible in the narrow streets that border the waterfront, as they are rich with beautiful things to see.


A trip to Genova wouldn’t be complete without a stroll down Via Garibaldi, a magnificent pedestrian road, lined with some of the most beautiful and elaborate palaces, many of which are open as museums.


Next up:  Part 2 of Day 1 in Genova!


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