Agrigento – Day 3 – Part 2 – A Colossal Telamon and More

For me, one of the highlights of visiting the Archeological Museum was seeing the Olympian Telamon.  The Telamon is one of the colossal statues that adorned the Temple of Zeus, and dates back to between 480 and 470 BC.  It was discovered during excavations, and was reassembled in 1825.  The statue is the largest surviving statue of ancient Greek art, and when you first glimpse it, takes your breath away.

Another treasure on view in the museum is the Agrigento Ephebe, a Greek sculpture that also dates from between 480 and 470 BC.

An entire room is devoted to a crater/vase from Gela that dates from 450 BC.


Next up: We head across the street, and begin to explore the Valley of the Temples!


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