Agrigento – Day 2 and Part 1 of Day 3 – Exploring History at the Archaeological Museum

Our second day in Agrigento was a complete washout.  A storm had come in from the sea and, in all honesty, we had never seen such rain and lightning.  We managed to run out for a brief walk between downpours, but we basically spent the day relaxing in the apartment.  Later, not long after we had finished eating dinner, the power went off in the entire area, and so, we simply called it a night, and tried to sleep, the sound of the storm outside, and the lightning making it all a bit difficult.  It sounded like the end of the world!  The next morning, however, was a beautiful, sunny one!  We quickly did a load of laundry, hung it on the small terrace to dry, and then, set out down the hill, to the Valley of the Temples.

The walk to the entrance of the archaeological park and museum, across the street, takes about thirty minutes from the city of Agrigento.  It is a fairly easy walk, and at no point is it necessary to walk on the actual road, as there is a sidewalk along one side of the road, for the entire distance.

Our first stop was going to be the Museo Archeologico Regionale Pietro Griffo, which is on the road we were walking along, at Contrada San Nicola, #12.  Once you enter the gate of the museum property, you pass a parking lot, and then, it is possible to admire a few pieces of modern sculpture placed in the front of the museum.

The building that houses the museum was designed by the architect, Franco Minissi.  Set in 17 rooms, the museum displays artifacts found not only in the ancient city of Agrigentum, but also in the surrounding area.  We purchased a combination ticket, which includes admission to the museum as well as to the Valley of the Temples, directly across the street.  I recommend doing this, as it will save you time, depending on the crowds, and the time of year you visit the site.  The museum also tends not to be as big of a draw as the actual archaeological park, and so, it might be the better place to purchase the tickets.

Plan on giving yourself at least one hour in this wonderful museum!

Among the items on display, you will find the marble torso of a warrior, dating from 480 to 475 BC.


Next up: We continue our visit of the museum, and much more, as we enjoy our third day in Agrigento walking amongst antiquities!


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