Agrigento – Day 3 – Part 3 – The Hellenistic-Roman Quarter of the Valley

The archaeological park, known as the Valley of the Temples, is huge!  If you intend to visit this site, expect to walk a lot!  Also, plan realistically, and accordingly!  Do not attempt to see the entire park in one day!  See what you can at a leisurely pace, and then, when you have had enough, call it a day!  We thought we could see it all in one afternoon, but we soon realized our mistake.  If we had known better, we would have allocated two days to the park, instead of just one, but be that as it may, we saw what we could, and we were very happy with our experience.  There are a few entrances into the park.  There is the smaller, less known entrance across the street from the archaeological museum, which is the one that we went in, and then, there is another main entrance, at the other end of the park.  The main entrance tends to be a bit more crowded.  So, expect lines to buy tickets there!  The entrance opposite the museum is virtually empty.  We walked right up to the ticket office, and then,  right into the park, without waiting in any lines, or having to deal with any other people.  It was a joy!  I recommend using this entrance, when visiting the park.   A map outside the building that serves as the ticket office shows you the scale of the park, and where the different archaeological sights are located.

Upon entering the park, immediately to our left, there was the area known as the Hellenistic-Roman Quarter.  This area is quite large.  It extends for over 15,000 square meters.  It is laid out in a typical grid pattern.  The Greek and Roman houses are each separated by a narrow walkway.   This section alone is the size of other entire archaeological sites I have visited in the past, and would make the price of admission worth it, but there is much more to discover in this wonderful place.

The walkways are well laid out, and easy to follow.  At times, since the park is so large, it seems as if you are simply walking through a normal countryside, until you get a glimpse of the remains of a temple in the distance.  Then, you remember where you are, and why you are there!


Next up: We continue our visit to the Valley of the Temples!


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