Burano – Day 2 – Part 2 – Sunlight and Colors

Even though Burano is a city without a single car in it, there is a gas station.  After all, boats need fuel, too!

A plaque above the restaurant, Trattoria da Romano, remembers Giovanni Tomadelli, who was born in the building.

Only a few steps away from the old outdoor fish market, you will find the current indoor market.  From what I could tell, it was only open during the hours when the fishermen returned with their catch, so that the fish would be as fresh as possible!

The platforms one sees on top of some of the houses in Burano are not solely decorative, or for sun worshiping.  They were built so that the wives could see where their husbands’ boats were, as most of the men on the island made their living by fishing.


Next up: We  continue to discover more colorful spots in the lovely city of Burano!


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