Burano – Day 2 – Part 1 – Drawings on A Building

Accepting its reflection, the heart is complete!

In my opinion, the city of Burano is at its best in the morning hours, before the first ferry arrives from Venice.  At that time of the day, the locals are out, doing their shopping, or preparing for their day, and there is still a sense of calmness and peace about the place.  That changes with the arrival of the ferry boat, and the hundreds of tourists that come with it.  But, before that first boat comes in, walking the narrow streets can have a mesmerizing effect on the spirit.

The Cooperativa San Marco fra Lavoratori della Piccola Pesca is a cooperative with approximately 90 members, and was founded in 1896.  The cooperative focuses on shellfish farming and fishing in the lagoon, as well as providing fishing excursions to tourists.

We were going to visit the Chiesa di San Martino, but there was a wedding taking place, so we decided to put it off until later.  By now, the ferries had begun to arrive, and the energy and the crowds both increased.

A house near our apartment was decorated with childlike, but intricate drawings, which included a list of the most severe cases of flooding in Burano’s history.

Dating from the 17th century, the Campanile Storto di Burano, or the Leaning Bell Tower of Burano, is actually the bell tower of the Church of San Martino.  The tower is leaning because it was built on marshy ground.  At the time of its construction, the tower was topped by a sculpture of an angel, but this fell off during a violent storm in 1867.  Today, the tower is crowned with a cross.


Next up: We continue our second day in Burano with more exploring, shopping and, of course, eating!


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