Milan – A City that Never Grows Old – Day 1 – Part 1

We were in Milan over Easter weekend, arriving on Good Friday, and then, heading to our next destination the following Tuesday.  We chose an apartment in the center of the city, in a palazzo, with a lovely garden at the back, and a cloister in the middle, both of which we had windows that opened onto.  It was a very relaxing place to stay, and we not only were able to explore the city on foot without a problem, but we were also able to spend some quiet time in a charming apartment, over a holiday weekend.

Glass doors in our bedroom led to a small terrace, which overlooked the cloister of the building.

The apartment was located on Via Cappuccio, a small street that, in the past, had been known as Contrada dei Nobili di Porta Vercellina, because of the many noble residences lining the road.  The name of the street changed when the Church of Santa Maria del Cappuccio, or the Monastero del Cappuccio, was built.  All that is left of the monastery is the cloister, which our bedroom overlooked, as everything else has since been incorporated into newer structures, including the one in which we were staying.


Next up: We explore our neighborhood in Milan!


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