Casorate Sempione – The Quiet Life Near Malpensa Airport – Day 2

Our second day in Casorate Sempione, which was also our last, was a Sunday, and after sleeping in a bit, and a cup or two of cappuccino, we headed out.  Unlike the United States, most shops in Italy are closed on Sundays, except for in the main tourist destinations.  Therefore, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day, and to simply continue walking around, rather aimlessly, and just see what we might discover.

I think it is wonderful that, in many Italian cities, you can now find roadside machines, where you can fill your own water bottles, with either sparkling, or flat mineral water!

Because the town is literally surrounded by a moorland, horse breeding and riding are popular pastimes here.  Today, the town is home to a riding school, as well as stud farms, and horses from Casorate Sempione have taken part in many international competitions, including the Olympics.

Along Via Piave, in the center of a small traffic circle, you will find the Edicola Votiva Sant’Ilario.

The facade of the local school was covered with artwork, done by the students.

Nearby, you will find the local gymnasium.

Next, you come to the Town Hall of Casorate Sempione.

For lunch and dinner that day, we chose to dine at the Crazy Pub, on Via Torino, # 20.  In addition to 150 different bottled beers, and over 60 Italian wines, as well as 16 different beers on tap, they offered a decent menu, with pub food and various entrees.  The atmosphere was fun, and the service was good.  It worked for us!


Next up: We begin a new adventure, with a return to Milan!


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