Casorate Sempione – The Quiet Life Near Malpensa Airport – Day 1

Before catching a flight back to the USA, we like to take a day or two to unwind in a small town by the airport, out of which we are flying.  This makes the whole travel experience a lot nicer.  There is no struggling to get to the airport on time, since it is usually only a short ride away.  This time, we chose to stay in the small town of Casorate Sempione, a hamlet just three kilometers from the airport.  We booked a room for a few nights at the Osteria della Pista, a family run osteria and hotel, and once we were settled in, we set out to explore the town.

The hotel was on the main street of the town, on Via Verbano.  Casorate Sempione is an easy town to walk around in.  It is small, and because of that, it is practically impossible to lose one’s way, when exploring.

A set of stairs leads up to Piazza della Chiesa, where you will find the town’s main church, the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, which dates from 1638.  Every time we attempted to visit the church, it was either closed, or services were taking place.  So, unfortunately, we did not get a chance to go inside.

A graveled road led to what looked to be an abandoned church.

Luckily, we had made dinner reservations, when we arrived at our hotel, because when we went downstairs to have our meal, much to our surprise, the place was packed, with every table filled with locals, enjoying their Saturday evening out.  We were tired, and so, we simply dined on a few fish dishes, and then, made our way back up to the room.

Next up: More from Casorate Sempione!

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