Alberobello – Italy’s City of Trulli – Day 1 – Part 3


Walking through these streets that are lined with trulli, it is still possible to imagine what the area was like, before being invaded by tourists.  Every now and then, one catches a glimpse of something that will take the person looking at it back in time!  For example, I saw a well partially hidden, in an alcove.  Now, it is locked, and not in use, but years ago, I can imagine that this was an important source of water for whoever lived in the neighboring trulli!


Try as one might to resist the temptation of buying a trinket or two, some of the items that were on sale are just so adorable, that it is difficult to imagine not making at least one purchase!  I know this from experience!


In my opinion, no visit to Alberobello would be complete without a stop at Bar Il Trulletto, to taste their famous caffè al peperoncino!  As soon as we glimpsed the sign, we knew we had to go in.  The owner told us that the famous coffee was a secret family recipe, and while he made it for us, he gave us a few cookies to sample.  Once the coffees were finished, he then told us that we could take our drinks upstairs, to the rooftop terrace, and enjoy them, which we did.  Not only was being on the rooftop of a trullo a memorable experience, with what looked like a sea of pointed structures surrounding us, but the coffee… It was heavenly!  Delicious Italian espresso, with an infusion of hot pepper and sweet cream!  I cannot tell you how good this was!


The Chiesa di Sant’Antonio dates from 1926, and is made up of two trulli, along with a central dome topped by a trullo, as well as a trullo bell tower.


Across the street from the church is Villa Comunale, which is a small park area.


To celebrate our first night in Alberobello, we went to dinner at Favola in Tavola, which was only a five-minute walk from the apartment.  The restaurant was set on the road that led down from Rione Aia Piccola to Rione Monti.  The food was wonderful,  from the amuse to the oysters, the duck, the cod, and finally, the dessert.  We enjoyed every last bite!  After the meal, a short, leisurely walk back to the apartment put an end to our first day in enchanting Alberobello!



Next up: More of Alberobello, including a visit to the Museo del Terrotorio Casa Pezzolla!


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