Alberobello – Italy’s City of Trulli – Day 1 – Part 2


Near the belvedere, you will find Piazza del Popolo.  This is the main square of the city.  In it is the Monumento ai Caduti, which pays tribute to those who lost their lives in World War I.


Directly in front of the monument is the Palazzo Comunale.  Today, this palazzo houses the municipal police, as well as the Tourist Information Office, and a café, of course!  The front of the palazzo is adorned with multiple plaques, which pay tribute to various events and dates that were important to the city and its people.


A plaque pays tribute to Don Francesco Gigante, a priest who was born in Alberobello, and who was responsible for the Fondazione dell’Istituto Agrario, or the Foundation of the Agricultural Institute.


Another plaque honors those citizens who fought with the resistance, against the Nazi oppressors in World War II.


No city in Italy would be complete without some sort of tribute to Giuseppe Garibaldi!


Another plaque honors citizens who fought for civil independence, and equal rights for all.


Yet another honors Vittorio Emmanuele, the first king of a united Italy.


A small plaque remembers the forming of the Republic of Italy.


A large plaque remembers World War I.


Another Tourist Information Office can be found on the walkway down to Rione Monti, but it was closed, and did not look as if it were going to open anytime soon!


Rione Monti is the largest of the Trulli Zones, and the most touristy part of the city.  This is where you will find shops selling cheap trinkets, as well as other things, such as crafts and liquors that are particular to the region.  It is this section of the city that the busloads of tourists descend upon, when they arrive in Alberobello, and it is set up accordingly,  meaning that it is filled with shops, restaurants, and “museums,” all basically functioning to attract tourist money.  That said, it is also a very charming part of the city, especially if visiting off-season, like we were.  And after a certain hour, once all the buses have left, it can be quite magical!


The Trullo Siamese is simply a large trullo with two domes, and houses a souvenir shop.  DSCN3048

The white-painted symbols that adorn the pinnacles of some of the trulli are actually signatures of the architects who built them.



Next up: We explore more of Rione Monti, and visit the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio di Padova!


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