Crispiano – A Place to Stop and Reflect in Puglia, Italy! – Day 1 – Part 2


Like its neighbors to the north, Laterza and Matera, Crispiano has its share of caves.  Most of these are housed in the Parco del Vallone, a small section of which was visible from the main road.  During the Christmas season, the caves here are used for a living Nativity scene, which is quite popular.


The Chiesa di Santa Maria, also known as Santa Maria Odigitria, or the Chiesa Vecchia, dates from 1815, and was built on the remains of a medieval abbey.


I couldn’t help but put a few euros into the donation canister!  The proceeds would go to the city’s holiday decorations, and for me, that is a great cause!


Al Borgo Antico is a B&B and restaurant in Crispiano.  The restaurant is supposed to be quite good, and it was at the top of my list of places to try, while in town.  Unfortunately, they could not take us, as they were filled with reservations, for the duration of our stay.  At first, I was disappointed, but it all turned out fine in the end, as we ended up dining at a restaurant that we really enjoyed.


I made a reservation for dinner at Tomà Restaurant, a lovely place on a side street, leading up to the main piazza of Crispiano.  The restaurant is run by Chef Tommaso Pioggia.  The space is lovely, the food delicious, and we had a wonderful time!


The fried baccalà, served in a mini shopping cart, was not only wonderful to taste, but it also brought a smile to your face, when set down on the table.  Everything was delicious,  from the pieces of fried chicken to the sliced tuna, the pumpkin flan, and the tripe.  We ate every last morsel of food that was given to us!


Of course, we had to save room for dessert!  The tiramisù, served in a small clay planter, was another one of those dishes that one simply has to smile about, before enjoying it!



Next up: Torrential rain keeps us indoors for a day, but we manage to explore more of  Crispiano, once the rain stops!


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