Crispiano – A Place to Stop and Reflect in Puglia, Italy! – Day 2 – Part 1


One of our days, in the town of Crispiano, was a complete washout!  It not only rained, but it poured all day long.  Luckily, there was a small supermarket not too far from the apartment, and so we purchased some groceries, which we cooked, enjoying the coziness of the apartment, and a day of basically doing nothing.  The following day, when the rain finally let up, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get out, and see a bit more of the town.


The Municipio Comunale, or Town Hall, of Crispiano is on the town’s main piazza, Piazza Madonna della Neve.


In front of the City Hall, you will find the Monumento alle Vittime del Lavoro, or the Monument to Those Who Lost Their Lives at Work, by the artist Francesco D’Elia.


Two plaques, on the facade of the City Hall, pay tribute to soldiers from Crispiano who lost their lives, during the various wars that the city has survived.


Dominating the Piazza Madonna della Neve is the Chiesa Matrice Parrocchia di Santa Maria della Neve.  This is the main church of Crispiano.


The Biblioteca Civica Carlo Natale was first opened to the public in 1966.  The library was dedicated to Carlo Natale, a citizen who generously donated 3,000 volumes to the library, along with the wooden bookcases on which to store them.



Next up: A walk towards the outskirts of the city, in search of an ancient tower!


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