Laterza – Puglia’s Perfect Undiscovered Hideaway – Day 2 – Part 1


The art of ceramic producing, in particular the making of the type of ceramic known as majolica, has been practiced in Laterza since the ancient times.  Samples found in the area have been dated as far back as the 3rd millennium BC.   The 16th and 17th centuries brought a new elevation to the art, when pieces began to be decorated with painted scenes.  Today, it is still possible to find artists at work, making the beautiful pieces in workshops all over the city.


The best way to get to know a place like Laterza is to just begin walking.  Follow the winding, tiny streets!  Go down the staircase to wherever it may lead you, even if it is only to the road below!


Because it is a city built on the side of a ravine, there are numerous overlook spots, which make nice places to relax, and breathe in the fresh air!


The belvedere shown above is named after Don Angelo Antonio d’Alessandro, a local priest who became known for his skill at painting the “maioliche,” or local pottery.  He was born in Laterza in 1642, and lived there until his death, in 1717.


Next up: More of bella Laterza, including one of the best grilled meat dinners ever!

Watching what is happening in practically every corner of  the Earth is taxing, and very difficult.  We are all going through it.  I look with hope at what’s happening in Italy now, as they begin to relax their restrictions, and life slowly begins to return to normal.  In the United States, we are not at that point yet.  For everyone’s sake, I hope that this terrible pandemic somehow comes to an end sooner, rather than later.  We should all be learning very important lessons at this time, lessons about ourselves, and about the countries we call home.  Changes must be made!

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