Laterza – Puglia’s Perfect Undiscovered Hideaway – Day 1


Our next destination was the city of Laterza.  Located not far from Matera (just about twenty minutes driving southeast), we thought it might be a nice place to stay for a few days, in order to relax and unwind, after the more tourist-centered experience of Matera.  Not many people add Laterza to their itinerary, when planning a trip to the south of Italy, but there was something about the town that attracted me.  I felt the need to check it out, and I am glad we did.  As usual, we booked an apartment for the duration of our stay.  The space was lovely, even though a bit small, especially the bathroom!  But, the view more than made up for it, as did the stunning little terrace, that jutted out over the ravine!


I loved being out on the terrace, looking down at the ravine and gardens below.  It was especially charming when the neighbor’s goats were out, exploring in the garden directly underneath us.


Like Matera, Laterza has many structures that were formed by cutting into the rock along the ravine.  Most of them here are either still privately owned, or abandoned, so most are not open to the public.


Laterza has a long history, the city going back to as far as the year 1000.  Today, it has a population of approximately 15,198.


The main church of Laterza is the Chiesa di San Lorenzo, which dates from 1408.  Built in a late Gothic style, the church is worth visiting, even though at the time of our stay, the facade was covered in scaffolding, and so we could not even begin to imagine what it looked like.


All that is left of the Church of San Carlo Borromeo is a wall with remains of a fresco on it.



Next up: We explore more of Laterza, including dinner at a local butcher shop!


Hopefully, we are all over the worst of this pandemic, and things will slowly begin to return to normal.  Let us all continue staying at home, washing our hands, practicing social distancing, so that one day, we can all come together again, in a happy and healthy world!


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  1. Gloria Fernandez says:

    Mil gracias, bellísimo todos los lugares que visitas, más en este momento donde solo se puede viajar así, cosas los recuerdos y las fotos. Amo Italia

  2. Mary says:

    Maravillosa ciudad. La tendré en cuenta para mi próximo viaje

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