Laterza – Puglia’s Perfect Undiscovered Hideaway – Day 2 – Part 2


A plaque pays tribute to Nicola Perrone, who fought in the war for independence, and the unification of Italy.  He died in poverty, in 1875.


As I was exploring, I came upon a small park area, which had this delightful statue in it.


Like any other city, Laterza has its commercial streets, such as Via Roma, which is lined with shops, and cafés, as well as more modern residential buildings and offices.


As I made my way along Via Roma, heading towards the city limits, I could see the wind turbines in the countryside, when I looked down the side streets.


Also on Via Roma, there is a primary school, by the name of Edificio Scolastico A. Diaz.


At what seemed to me to be the city limits, I found the Parco Urbano Giovanni Paolo II.


The Church of Santa Croce is at the junction of Via Roma, and Via Generale Gonzaga.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is Laterza’s main piazza, or square.  Here, you will find a monument to those fallen in the two World Wars, as well as a water fountain, and a column with a statue of the Madonna on top.  This is where locals congregate to socialize, or to simply pass the time, sitting on a bench in the afternoon sun.


Next up: More from Laterza, including a visit to a butcher shop, where we sit down for a delicious meal of grilled meats!

This week, the best news I have seen is that Italy is beginning to open back up!  I am so looking forward to being back there, among the wonderful people and friends we have made, over the years.  We all just need to have patience, for a little bit longer, until we can say, with some degree of certainty, that it is once again safe to travel.  We are almost there.  Continue to be smart!  Be safe!  Stay healthy!  And, we will all see each other soon!

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