Taking in the Healing Waters of Italy’s Fiuggi – Day 3 – Part 1

DSCN7496Like everyone else who comes to Fiuggi, we wanted to take advantage of the spas and the healing waters, but there are also places to explore, and things to discover.  So, we decided that we would spend the morning hours out and about, seeing the sights, while the afternoon’s would be reserved for water massages, etc.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in the spa areas, so you will just have to trust me when I say that it was all wonderful!  In the meantime, we chose the third morning to walk up to the Old Town, or Fiuggi Citta, as the locals call it.DSCN7486There is a bus that will take you to the town, at the top of the hill, but we chose to walk.  We wanted the exercise, and it didn’t look that far, so we thought “why not?”  DSCN7489DSCN7498The day was a cloudy one, but it hadn’t yet begun to rain, so we set out to start our exploring.  DSCN7499DSCN7502DSCN7503DSCN7490DSCN7492DSCN7493DSCN7505DSCN7508DSCN7510DSCN7511DSCN7512DSCN7513Walking up to Fiuggi Citta is a great thing to do!  The passing scenery is beautiful, and there are plenty of places to rest, and catch your breath, if you need to!  And you will need to — for it is a good forty-minute uphill walk!  DSCN7514DSCN75152018-05-05-071845-IMG_1039DSCN7520DSCN7518On the way up, we passed the lovely Parrocchia Santa Teresa del Bambino Gesù.  DSCN7523DSCN7525DSCN7526DSCN7529DSCN7530DSCN7531At the entrance to the Old Town, you will find Villa Comunale — a pretty, small public park area with a couple of monuments.  It is a perfect place for a short break, after the long climb up, and to take in a bit of nature, before heading into the Centro Storico.  DSCN7532DSCN7533One of the monuments, in the park, is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the two World Wars.2018-05-05-065104-IMG_1017DSCN7535DSCN7536DSCN7537DSCN7539DSCN7543As we began to enter the Historical Center, you could see Fiuggi Fonte, spread out in the valley below.  2018-05-05-070415-IMG_10292018-05-05-070744-IMG_1031


Next up: Exploring the Old Town of Fiuggi!

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