Taking in the Healing Waters of Italy’s Fiuggi – Day 2

DSCN7378The newer part of town, Fuiggi Fonte, only dates back to the Middle Ages.  This is where the majority of hotels and spas are located.  The older part, Fiuggi Citta, sits on a hill behind Fiuggi Fonte.  Fiuggi Fonte only came into existence with the discovery of the healing properties of the local spring, but more on that later.DSCN7382DSCN7383DSCN7384DSCN7386DSCN7387DSCN7388DSCN7389The Chiesa di Regina Pacis is the main church in Fiuggi Fonte.  While the exterior is nice, nothing prepared me for the lovely vision that awaited me inside.  DSCN7390DSCN7392DSCN7395The stained glass windows, and the beautiful mosaics that covered most of the interior of the church, took one’s breath away.DSCN7394DSCN7398DSCN7403DSCN7407DSCN7409By just walking for ten minutes or so, you find yourself looking out over a lovely countryside.  DSCN7411DSCN7414DSCN7415DSCN7416DSCN7419DSCN7421DSCN7422DSCN7423DSCN7424DSCN7426DSCN7427DSCN7428DSCN7430DSCN7431DSCN7434DSCN7441DSCN7445DSCN7447DSCN7449DSCN7451DSCN7450DSCN7455DSCN7457DSCN7460DSCN7462DSCN74652018-05-04-065019-IMG_0989DSCN7468DSCN7469DSCN7470Il Norcino is a large shop, selling various types of Salumi e Formaggi (salami and cheeses).  This is a foodie’s paradise!  Everywhere you look, there is something that will tempt you to a purchase, and go home and gorge!  Thank God that we were staying in a hotel room, because if we had had an apartment with a kitchen, I would have spent hundreds of dollars!DSCN7471DSCN7473DSCN7474Quintessenza was our choice for dinner, as it was located across the street from the hotel.  During the day, it functions as mainly a café/bar, but in the evening, the fish plates that they serve are delicious, and reasonably priced.  It was so good, in fact, that we ended up eating there twice!DSCN7467


Next up: We explore the old town, or Fiuggi Citta!


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