MILANO – FALL 2017 – Part 1

DSCN3470I booked a hotel room through, at the Hotel Auriga, as it was close to Milano’s central train station.  DSCN3465While I usually opt for apartments over hotel rooms, I was only staying in Milano for one night, and so, the most important thing for me was to be close to the train station, which would make it easier when I had to catch a train the next morning.  In this case, the station was literally a block away.DSCN3466DSCN3471Milano is one of the few cities in Italia with an ever-changing skyline.  It seems as if every time that I visit this city, I notice a new and interesting building.  DSCN3473DSCN3476DSCN3477DSCN3478DSCN3479DSCN3485DSCN3487DSCN3489DSCN3490DSCN3491DSCN3492DSCN3493DSCN3494DSCN3495DSCN3496DSCN3497DSCN3500A plaque on a wall pays tribute to the Fondazione Cariplo, which provides funding for the arts, environmental studies, and other worthy causes.DSCN3502DSCN3503DSCN3505La Chiesa di Sant’Angelo or, as it is formally known, La Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, is a lovely church that is worth paying a visit to.  DSCN3506DSCN3507Over the main entrance to the church is a relief that depicts Saint Michele, the Archangel fighting the devil.DSCN3509DSCN3510DSCN3513DSCN3517DSCN3518DSCN3521Outside of the church, in the Piazza with the same name, you find a lovely fountain dedicated to San Francesco.  This makes sense when you realize that the Chiesa di Sant’Angelo is run by the Francescan order.  DSCN3522I found it quite beautiful to see actual live birds sharing the space with the metal ones that were part of the fountain.  Somehow, for me, it symbolized the love for all living creatures that San Francesco sought to teach us.DSCN3525DSCN3528There is also a narrow, side entrance to the church.DSCN3529DSCN3532DSCN3533The Chiesa di San Bartolomeo dates back to 1864.DSCN3534DSCN3535DSCN3538DSCN3541The offices of the Inland Revenue for the Lombard region are housed in a striking building, in the center of Milano.DSCN3542DSCN3543DSCN3546

Next up: more from beautiful Milano, including a walk around the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli!

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