DSCN8661DSCN8671A piazza that during the week is filled with market stalls can be surprisingly empty on a Sunday morning.DSCN8672DSCN8673DSCN8675I began my day with a visit to the Duomo, or Reggio Emilia’s main church.  DSCN8674DSCN8680Under the arcade of Palazzo del Comune are various monuments.DSCN8682DSCN8683DSCN8684DSCN8686DSCN8696DSCN8699The Museum of the Tricolore is  housed in the rooms adjacent to the famous Hall of the Tricolore, the room where the Italian flag was first displayed.  My main interest in visiting the museum was to see the actual hall, but that was not to be.  It is not included in the visit to the museum, which I found odd, and a little disappointing.DSCN8703DSCN8705DSCN8706DSCN8710DSCN8711DSCN8712DSCN8718Another of the city’s main religious buildings is the beautiful Tempio della Beata Vergine della Ghiara, or the Basilica della Madonna della Ghiara.  DSCN8720DSCN8722The marble monument in front of the church marks the spot where a miraculous image of the Madonna once stood.  DSCN8726DSCN8723.JPGDSCN8729DSCN8733DSCN8736DSCN8740DSCN8741DSCN8744DSCN8746DSCN8747DSCN8749DSCN8752DSCN8753DSCN8758DSCN8759DSCN8761DSCN8762DSCN8767The Museo dei Cappuccini was, unfortunately for me, closed.  DSCN8769DSCN8770DSCN8771DSCN8772DSCN8773DSCN8779DSCN8783DSCN8792DSCN8800DSCN8805DSCN8806DSCN8808DSCN8809DSCN8813DSCN8816DSCN8822DSCN8826DSCN8828.JPGDSCN8834DSCN8844DSCN8848DSCN8847DSCN8858DSCN8859DSCN8866DSCN8867DSCN8872DSCN8889DSCN8897DSCN8900DSCN8910DSCN8911DSCN8913DSCN8914DSCN8918DSCN8923I headed back to the piazza to catch the evening’s concert.  First up was the artist Flo.DSCN8927The headliner for the evening was Angela Baraldi.DSCN8938DSCN8940DSCN8944


Next up: the city of balsamic vinegar – Modena!

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