DSCN8257DSCN8258DSCN8259DSCN8260DSCN8264DSCN8265The Chiesa di San Francesco dates back to 1272.  While I didn’t get a chance to go inside of the church, I couldn’t help admiring the beautiful facade of the building.DSCN8266DSCN8267Housed in the old convent of the Church of San Francesco are the Musei Civici, or the Civic Museums.  These are important art collections, and really do deserve to be seen!DSCN8303DSCN8304DSCN8272DSCN8282DSCN8283DSCN8291DSCN8299DSCN8301DSCN8309Nearby is the Teatro Municipale Romolo Valli, built in 1852.

DSCN8024DSCN8025DSCN8029DSCN8307DSCN8312At the start of the Parco del Popolo is a public jukebox.  All you need to do is go up to it, push in the number for the song that you like, and before you know it, your selected song is playing over speakers at the park entrance, for all to enjoy!DSCN8314The public park is actually where the Cittadella once stood.  After that, it was turned into a track for horse racing, before becoming the park that you can see today.

DSCN8337DSCN8321DSCN8339DSCN8340DSCN8349DSCN8355DSCN8352DSCN8360DSCN8366DSCN8377DSCN8378DSCN8386DSCN8388DSCN8322DSCN8394.JPGNearby is the Galleria Parmeggiani.DSCN8327DSCN8328DSCN8330DSCN8332DSCN8398DSCN8399DSCN8402The Torre dei Sessi is a medieval tower which still stands today.DSCN8403DSCN8404DSCN8406DSCN8419DSCN8427DSCN8432DSCN8441DSCN8443The christian orthodox church Oratorio del Cristo is another lovely example of religious architecture, in this city.DSCN8445DSCN8448DSCN8455DSCN8471DSCN8473DSCN8478DSCN8481The chiesa di San Pietro, or the church of Saint Peter, dates from the 1700’s.DSCN8483DSCN8486DSCN8488DSCN8490DSCN8492DSCN8497DSCN8498DSCN8499DSCN8505DSCN8510DSCN8513DSCN8514DSCN8519DSCN8533DSCN8535DSCN8539DSCN8551DSCN8561DSCN8565DSCN8574DSCN8573DSCN8591DSCN8592DSCN8593DSCN8605DSCN8612DSCN8622DSCN8623DSCN8625DSCN8456Caffe Arti e Mestieri was hands down my favorite restaurant in Reggio Emilia.  The food in this place is fantastic!  The atmosphere is lovely — one walks through a courtyard/garden to get to the restaurant, and once inside, you are in a space that is modern, chic and comfortable, all at the same time.  The plates are creative Italian cuisine, and it is delicious!DSCN8460DSCN8462


Next up: a visit to the Duomo, and the Museo del Tricolore!

Palazzo dei Musei – 1, Via Lazzaro Spallanzani – free admission

Parco del Popolo – Viale Ilsonzo – free admission

Caffe Arti e Mestieri – Via Emilia A.S. Pietro, 16 – reservations recommended


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