FIDENZA – Day Three

DSCN6168I woke on the morning of 25 April to the sounds of the city setting up the stage and festivities for the celebration of Liberation Day.  This is a national holiday in Italy, commemorating two things — the end of the Italian Civil War, and also the end of the Nazi Occupation during World War II.  It is also a day for Italy to honor its veterans, and in most cities, there will be parades and displays, which do just that.  Fidenza was offering a display of military vehicles, a parade, and also a concert, later in the evening, to mark the occasion.DSCN6169DSCN6170DSCN6172DSCN6175Before the festivities began, I thought that I’d check out a couple of Fidenza’s main attractions.  I headed first for the Porta di San Domino — a medieval gate, which is the only part of Fidenza’s ancient fortifications still standing.  DSCN5791DSCN5794DSCN5807At the foot of the gate are the remains of an old Roman bridge.DSCN5793DSCN6177DSCN6178DSCN5805My next stop was going to be the charming Museo del Duomo, which is located behind the Duomo, or Cathedral.  DSCN5786DSCN5784DSCN5777DSCN5776DSCN5778DSCN5767DSCN6180The museum is fairly small, and so I was out in plenty of time to see the procession/parade set up in commemoration of the holiday.DSCN6186DSCN6189DSCN6191DSCN6193DSCN6197I stumbled upon a  small art show, displaying the works of local artists.  DSCN6199DSCN6200After checking out the art, I spent the next few hours wandering aimlessly, but joyfully, taking in the lovely city.DSCN6211DSCN6212DSCN6214DSCN6218DSCN6221DSCN6222DSCN6233DSCN6237DSCN6242I found myself on the southern outskirts of the city.  Across from a lovely park area was a road, which led to the Convent dei Cappuccino, built in 1878.  DSCN6245DSCN6246DSCN6247DSCN6250DSCN6256DSCN6264DSCN6265DSCN6266DSCN6268I noticed some of the locals walking towards what looked like an open field, and so decided to follow them.  I ended up on a paved walkway, which led to another that wasn’t paved, but was obviously frequently walked upon, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by beautiful countryside!DSCN6272DSCN6273DSCN6279DSCN6285DSCN6288DSCN6295DSCN6302DSCN6308DSCN6311DSCN6325DSCN6329DSCN6334DSCN6340DSCN6341DSCN6343DSCN6351I made it back in time to freshen up a bit, in my room, and then head out for the evening festivities.DSCN6354DSCN6359DSCN6364DSCN6365DSCN6384DSCN6402


Next up: a few days in Parma!

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