PIACENZA – Day Three – pt 1

DSCN5201I left the apartment to find a flea market set up in Piazza Duomo.  Never able to resist a good market, I casually strolled around, checking out the different stalls and vendors.DSCN5202I had a list of things that I wanted to see on this, my last day in Piacenza, so I set off to begin.  DSCN5205My first stop was the Basilica di Sant Antonino.DSCN5206One enters the church through the towering Portico of Paradise!DSCN5207DSCN5208DSCN5210DSCN5215DSCN5221Next to the Basilica is Piazza Sant’ Antonino, a lovely square.  DSCN5223DSCN5219DSCN5229DSCN5231DSCN5233DSCN5236The Ricci Oddi Galleria d’Arte Moderna is a nice way to spend an hour or so.  The works of art belonged to the collector Giuseppe Ricci Oddi, who donated them to the city of Piacenza.  DSCN5237DSCN5239DSCN5238.JPGDSCN5243DSCN5240DSCN5246DSCN5248I had eaten at Osteria d’Una Volta, on my first night in Piacenza.  This is a nice place, serving  local cuisine at very reasonable prices.   Expect to drink your wine from a bowl!  DSCN5250DSCN5251DSCN5252DSCN5253DSCN5260DSCN5261DSCN5267DSCN5272DSCN5273DSCN5290DSCN5291DSCN5295DSCN5298DSCN5303DSCN5302DSCN5304DSCN5306Once used as a military hospital, the Church of San Sepolcro was reconsecrated in 1903.  DSCN5311DSCN5313DSCN5309DSCN5314DSCN5316DSCN5325.JPGDSCN5321My next goal was to visit the Piazza delle Crociate, so called because in the year 1095 this was the spot where Pope Urban II announced the beginning of the First Crusade.  I was also interested in visiting the beautiful church that sat at the end of the Piazza — the Basilica di Santa Maria di Campagna.  DSCN5324DSCN5326This is a magnificent church!  From the architecture to the artwork, it is lovely to behold.  DSCN5328DSCN5330DSCN5333DSCN5343DSCN5344If you walk past the church for a few more minutes, you will come to a section of the ancient city walls.  DSCN5347.JPGDSCN5350DSCN5361DSCN5362DSCN5365DSCN5369DSCN5372DSCN5374DSCN5378DSCN5379

Next up: a wonderful finish to a fantastic three days in a beautiful city!


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