DSCN4909There is no better feeling than waking up to a sunny day, in a new place that you find delightful!  And this is how I felt about Piacenza on my second morning.  I couldn’t wait to get out, and begin exploring this wondrous city once again.  DSCN4914DSCN4916DSCN4921DSCN4925DSCN4928DSCN4930DSCN4935DSCN4938DSCN4941My first stop on this glorious day was going to be the Musei Civici di Palazzo Farnese — a museum complex housed in the Farnese Palace — built in 1568 by Ottavio Farnese and his wife, Margherita of Austria.  This is an amazing structure and museum, and should not be missed by anyone visiting this city.  I chose to purchase a compilation ticket which cost me 17.00 euros, but also included admission into other museums in the city.  DSCN4944DSCN4946DSCN4948DSCN4951DSCN4953The museum is divided into sections: armory, archeology, picture gallery, etc.  DSCN4956DSCN4959DSCN4961DSCN4963DSCN4965DSCN4981One of the highlights of the museum is the ancient bronze model of a sheep’s liver, which dates from approximately 200 BC.    The surface of the piece is inscribed with the names of divinities, reflecting the order of the sky, as it was understood by the Etruscans.  DSCN4989DSCN4991DSCN4992DSCN4997After roaming around a museum for a few hours, I always find it nice to get some air, and stroll around outside.  DSCN5001DSCN5006DSCN5009DSCN5008DSCN5013DSCN5017Directly across from the train station is the Giardini Margherita — a lovely, little park.DSCN5019DSCN5028DSCN5030DSCN5031DSCN5034DSCN5035DSCN5042DSCN5048The Basilica di San Savino was built in 1107.DSCN5050DSCN5053DSCN5058DSCN5062DSCN5064DSCN5068DSCN5067DSCN5069DSCN5071DSCN5075DSCN5077DSCN5079DSCN5083DSCN5084DSCN5093DSCN5101DSCN5104DSCN5112DSCN4996In the Scuderie di Maria Luigia was a small exhibit on the building of bridges, in the city of Piacenza.  DSCN5114DSCN5120DSCN5122DSCN5125DSCN5132DSCN5144DSCN5148DSCN5161DSCN5150DSCN5133DSCN5165.JPGDSCN5143

Next up: more from Piacenza, including a walk along the city walls!

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