DSCN0329DSCN0331DSCN0335We decided to devote the first part of our second day in Monreale to its main attractions: the Cathedral and its Cloister, and the Museo Diocesano.  We started with the Cloister, as  a separate ticket is required,  it was early in the morning, and not many people were there yet.DSCN0354The Cloister is really quite beautiful!  It is surrounded by 216 columns, each one different from the rest.  DSCN0363DSCN0359DSCN0346The Cloister dates back to the year 1200.  DSCN0366DSCN0367DSCN0398DSCN0406Several spaces open off of the Cloister, and these are worth exploring.DSCN0433At one end of the Cloister, in a corner, you will find a beautiful fountain, or the Monk’s Lavatorium.  DSCN0450DSCN0485DSCN0492DSCN0513DSCN0514DSCN0524Our next stop was the Cathedral of Monreale.  This is one of the greatest examples of Norman architecture in the world!  It is stunningly beautiful, and is the reason that Monreale is a popular destination for day trippers from Palermo.  DSCN0527DSCN0529DSCN0534DSCN0537DSCN0553DSCN0588DSCN0606The Cathedral was built by William II in 1174.    For a more detailed experience, I recommend renting the headphones and listening to the audio guide that is available at the ticket office.  Sections of the Cathedral are free of charge to visit, but there are also areas that one cannot see without a ticket, and so just spend the extra money, and see it all — it is amazing!DSCN0613DSCN0632DSCN0646DSCN0650DSCN0652DSCN0653DSCN0655DSCN0664DSCN0670DSCN0672DSCN0674DSCN0679DSCN0683DSCN0685DSCN0689DSCN0705We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try a Cannabis Energy Drink.  DSCN0711DSCN0724DSCN0729DSCN0730DSCN0733DSCN0743DSCN0752DSCN0754DSCN0766DSCN0799DSCN0814DSCN0815DSCN0827DSCN0837DSCN0857DSCN0865DSCN0872

Next up: a visit to the famous Mondello beach area!


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