DSCN9965It should come as no surprise to anyone that Susan and I had time to kill, before we could check into our hotel in Monreale, so we stopped in the small city of Partinico for a coffee, and a quick look around.  DSCN9966DSCN9968Within seconds of our stepping out of the car, we found ourselves in conversation with a couple of the locals, who told us that Partinico was the birthplace of Frank Zappa.  A festival is held there, every year, to celebrate him and his music.DSCN9969DSCN9970DSCN9971DSCN9972DSCN9976We wandered around Partinico for thirty minutes or so, and then got back into the car and headed for Monreale, where we were staying for the next few nights.DSCN9992Monreale is located on the side of a hill, above the city of Palermo.  During the day, the town is filled with tourists who come up for the afternoon to see the incredible Cathedral.  We decided to save that for our second day, and instead, to spend the afternoon wandering around.DSCN0011At one of the local pubs, tomorrow never arrives!DSCN0017DSCN0019DSCN0024DSCN0039DSCN0041DSCN0056DSCN0063DSCN0070Monreale is full of tiny little streets, most of which go uphill or down, depending on the direction in which you are walking.  Since most of the tourists visiting the place are there for one reason (the Cathedral), when walking the streets, it is usually just you and the people who live there.  DSCN0077DSCN0082DSCN0086DSCN0092DSCN0095DSCN0099DSCN0113DSCN0117DSCN0126DSCN0127DSCN0128DSCN0130DSCN0141DSCN0145DSCN0146DSCN0150DSCN0156DSCN0159DSCN0161DSCN0168DSCN0175DSCN0176DSCN0183DSCN0188DSCN0200DSCN0215DSCN0226DSCN0228DSCN0233DSCN0267DSCN0278DSCN0251DSCN0262DSCN0288DSCN0283.JPGDSCN0307DSCN0140Dinner that night was at La Ciambra, a restaurant located in one of the tiny alleyways off of Via Roma.  DSCN0131DSCN0133


Next up: more from Monreale!


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