DSCN0916.JPGDSCN0917I had booked an apartment for myself for two nights in Mondello — the beach area of Palermo.  This section of the city is extremely crowded and busy during the summer months, but in October and early November, it is quiet and lovely.  DSCN0921DSCN0922We were staying in Mondello for two nights, before catching a plane back to Roma.  DSCN0924DSCN0925DSCN0926Everything that I’d read about Mondello described a hip, happening beach resort full of beautiful, sun-drenched people.  In the autumn, though, it becomes a laid back, seaside town, much like countless others along the coast of Italy, and Sicily in particular.DSCN0928DSCN0929DSCN0933DSCN0937As much as I was tempted, I just couldn’t bring myself to try the Spaghetti shaped gelato.DSCN0944DSCN0953One of the town’s most famous landmarks is the Antico Stabilimento Balineare, a bathing establishment still popular today for its location right in the middle of the beach area, and for its restaurant.  DSCN0959DSCN1115DSCN0963DSCN0979No beach town would be complete without its amusement park section!  While our first day there, Saturday, was sunny and bright,  the second day  began on a decidedly cloudy note.DSCN1000DSCN1001DSCN1007DSCN1035DSCN1039DSCN1046DSCN1054DSCN1058DSCN1066DSCN1071DSCN1075DSCN1078DSCN1079DSCN1085DSCN1087DSCN1090DSCN1104DSCN1130DSCN1151DSCN1159Even though most people were staying out of the water, these two seemed to really be enjoying themselves.DSCN1167DSCN1152DSCN1128DSCN1174DSCN1184DSCN1183DSCN1193DSCN1199DSCN1201DSCN1202DSCN1218DSCN1136

Next up: a visit to the Eternal City of Roma!


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