MILANO – A Very Brief Visit

When flying to Italia from the US, your points of entry into Italia are limited, if like me, you prefer taking a direct flight, and not have to change planes elsewhere in Europe.  The two main airports that service US flights are Roma’s Fiumicino Airport, and Milano’s Malpensa Airport.  This time around, I chose to fly into, and out of Malpensa.  My plan was to stay in Milano for one night, and then take a flight from Milano’s smaller airport, Linate, to Fiumicino, where a day later, I would board a flight to Sicilia.

I booked a room for myself at a B&B called “2 Cute 2b Str8.”


The B&B was located in the Citta Studi zone of Milano, an area made up of University buildings, and medical facilities.  It was close to Linate Airport, so it would be an easy commute the following day, when I went to catch my flight.

I had never been in this part of Milano before, so after getting settled, I hurried out to explore the neighborhood a bit.  I stumbled upon an outdoor market, which is always fun to see.


The market was set up along a street that boarded the University.  I arrived on a weekend, so the University buildings were closed, but there was still plenty of activity in the streets.


Interspersed with the University buildings, there were residences and shops.


Any area that houses a University is bound to be fun.  I found this part of Milano to be very interesting.  There was fun, unusual architecture, and there is a very lively social scene, particularly in the evenings, when bars and restaurants open up.


The Politecnico di Milano is one of the largest technical universities in all of Italia, serving approximately 42,000 students.  The buildings themselves are quite beautiful!


I continued walking, with no real destination in mind.


As I approached the center of town, I ran into an antiques fair.


Before long, I found myself in front of Milano Centrale Train Station.


I took a taxi back to the B&B.  After a brief rest, I headed out for the evening.  The owners of the B&B made a reservation for me, at a restaurant in the neighborhood, called Trattoria Sole.  I had a wonderful meal there.  The food is simple, but creative, and most importantly, delicious!  It was a perfect ending, to a fun day!



Next up: Fiumicino!



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