When most people think of Fiumicino, they automatically think of the airport that services Roma and its environs.  DSCN1637I had one day to spend in Lazio, before heading down to Sicily, and instead of going into the city of Roma, which I would be visiting later in the trip, I decided to spend the day and one night in the town of Fiumicino.  I booked a room for myself at the Porto di Claudio, a small hotel in the center of town.DSCN1566DSCN1567My friend, Susan, who was heading down to Sicily with me, would be arriving later in the day.  She had booked a room for herself at a small B&B on the other side of the river, here in Fiumicino.   So, I settled into my room, and then set out to explore a bit.DSCN1569DSCN1572DSCN1573The Ponte Levatoio 2 Giugno, Fiumicino’s drawbridge, crosses over the Tevere as it makes its way to the sea.DSCN1575The section of the river, from the bridge to the sea, is lined with a pedestrian walkway and piers, where many boats are docked.  There are plenty of cafés and restaurants, as well as the odd shop or two.  DSCN1579DSCN1578Set along the river front, there is the lovely Church of Santa Maria Porto della Salute, which dates back to 1828.DSCN1580DSCN1582A small market was taking place on the day that I visited.  DSCN1583DSCN1584DSCN1585DSCN1586DSCN1587DSCN1588DSCN1593DSCN1595DSCN1597DSCN1598.JPGDSCN1601I was sitting at this lovely café, when Susan arrived, and so we continued to explore the town together.DSCN1603DSCN1669The Port of Fiumicino has been active since ancient times.  Back then it was known as the Portus.  Today, it still functions as an important base for deep-sea fishing boats, as well as private and tourist boats.  DSCN1607DSCN1613DSCN1614DSCN1618DSCN1621DSCN1624DSCN1630DSCN1631On a lovely afternoon, there is nothing nicer than a leisurely stroll along the waterfront — unless, of course, you are fishing!DSCN1636DSCN1650DSCN1646DSCN1658DSCN1663DSCN1675DSCN1666DSCN1685DSCN1684It was fun finding a map of Sicily, as that’s where the two of us were headed the next day. DSCN1686DSCN1690DSCN1701DSCN1706DSCN1711DSCN1725DSCN1730DSCN1750DSCN1756.jpgDSCN1771By mid afternoon, we had made our way over to the beach area, where we walked along the shore for a bit.  DSCN1772DSCN1780DSCN1781DSCN1796DSCN1800DSCN1802Dinner was at the wonderful Osteria dell Orologio, on Via di Torre Clementina, alongside the river.  We opted for the tasting menu, which at €60.00 per person, for ten plates, was a bargain.  The food was amazing!  All in all, it was a great day in Fiumicino!


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