IMG_8752IMG_8757IMG_8763IMG_8761IMG_8772There are so many things to see and do in Roma.  One must keep one’s eyes open at all times, or else you are likely to miss something special.  For it seems that on almost every corner, or practically on every building, there is something unique and interesting to see.  I am constantly discovering new things, even when walking down streets that I’ve gone down dozens of times.IMG_8787IMG_8767One of my favorite museums to visit in Roma are the Musei Capitolini.  These are a must-see for everyone, at least once in their lifetime.  I like to go once a year or so, as there is always something that I’ve missed the last time around, or a special exhibition happening, or even an area that was previously closed to the public, but is now open.  IMG_8792This is one of the more popular attractions in Roma, but once you are inside, it is surprisingly comfortable — meaning, not very crowded.  It helps that the museum complex is large, and on various floors of the two buildings that it occupies, so one never really feels like your part of a mob in there, unlike the Vatican Museums, which can get obnoxiously crowded.  You should give yourself at least two hours to really enjoy the Capitoline.  IMG_8793IMG_8796IMG_8798The statue in the middle of the piazza, designed by Michelangelo, is a copy of the original, which is kept inside of the museum.   There are so many treasures inside of this place.  Here are a few of my favorites!IMG_8804IMG_8800IMG_8803IMG_8808IMG_8809IMG_8824IMG_8833IMG_8843IMG_8848IMG_8849IMG_8853The famous she-wolf, feeding Romulus and Remus, is one of the symbols of Roma.IMG_8860The bust of the great Michelangelo is one of my favorite pieces in the museums.  But, then again, there is always Bernini’s Medusa!IMG_8862IMG_8882IMG_8893As I mentioned earlier, inside, you will find the original Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius that once stood in the piazza.IMG_8903IMG_8933IMG_8936IMG_8980At one point in your visit, approximately the half-way point, you get an amazing view of the Roman Forum.IMG_8978IMG_8988IMG_8998IMG_9005IMG_9004.jpgIMG_9011IMG_9033IMG_9039.jpgIMG_9068IMG_9070After spending a few hours in a museum, I always like to roam around for a bit, to clear my head.IMG_9075IMG_9079IMG_9084IMG_9086IMG_9087IMG_8783IMG_9073


Next up: A visit to the Casa di Livia, or the House of Livia!


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