Sometimes, when I am in Roma, I will get onto a bus, or a tram, and then just get off at a stop that I’m not familiar with.   From there, I begin to explore that particular section of the city.  This is a good way to find things that you might not ordinarily have seen.  IMG_8165IMG_8169IMG_8171I love the monument, in the middle of Piazza Cavour.  IMG_8175IMG_8176IMG_8179The monument, a tribute to Camillo Cavour, after whom the piazza is named, was unveiled in 1895 and, today, it is still splendid to behold.  Set in-between the piazza and the Arno, there is the majestic Corte Suprema di Cassazione, or the Supreme Court.IMG_8182If you walk across Ponte Sant’Angelo, to the other side of the river, you will find yourself in front of the Church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini.  Go inside!  IMG_8216IMG_8217IMG_8202IMG_8211Not only is this a very beautiful church, but it holds a secret treasure.  For the cost of a small donation, you will be accompanied into the Museo di Arte Sacra, or the Museum of Sacred Art.  This is a must, for any art lover.  You will find priceless works of art here, including a piece by Michelangelo.  IMG_8212Head down Via Giulia until you come to Via del Gonfalone!  At #29, which used to be a prison, you will find the Museo Criminologico MUCRI.  This is a museum that tells the history of Rome’s past criminals, from medieval times to now, with artifacts and weapons, photos, and actual devices that were used as forms of punishment.  There is even one room that is filled with items that the authorities have confiscated over the years.  It is fascinating!IMG_8235.jpgIMG_8241IMG_8249IMG_8250IMG_8253IMG_8264IMG_8271IMG_8334IMG_8289IMG_8299IMG_8306IMG_8307.JPGIMG_8318IMG_8326IMG_8328IMG_8338IMG_8340IMG_8346Even the ceiling of the post office in Roma is beautiful!  The one that I normally go to, back in Queens, NY, looks nothing like this!IMG_8348IMG_8353IMG_8362IMG_8364


Next up: A trip to the Capitoline Museums!


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