GENOVA – Day Two – pt 2

We were unable to actually visit the church of Sant. Antonio di Padova, as there was a wedding there, and the guests were all arriving.DSCN2442.JPG

Once the guests had gone inside, the groom was left out, waiting for his bride.DSCN2455.JPG

Not being invited to the wedding, I decided to sight-see instead!  I quickly joined the crowd of locals as they took advantage of the nice afternoon, and the lovely setting.  DSCN2444DSCN2451

Everything that I had read turned out to be true.  Boccadasse was a magical little enclave!DSCN2452DSCN2459DSCN2465

Nothing seemed to matter here, except enjoying the day!DSCN2466DSCN2471DSCN2474DSCN2479DSCN2483

One is never far from a cafe/bar in Italia!DSCN2487DSCN2492DSCN2496DSCN2498DSCN2500DSCN2502DSCN2504DSCN2506DSCN2518DSCN2523.JPG

I fell madly in love with this little part of the city!


Once you walked to the top of the town of Boccadasse, the coastline spread out before your eyes, and it was really beautiful!DSCN2551DSCN2550DSCN2559DSCN2561

We headed back along Corso Italia for part of the way, and then decided to try a slightly different route back to the center.


We soon came to Piazza della Vittoria and the Arco dei Caduti.


Back in the center there was still time for a little passeggata before dinner, which was had at a tiny trattoria close to the apartment.  DSCN2609DSCN2635DSCN2698

Of course, cocktails were had back at Piazza delle Erbe!  This time at Gradisa Cafe!  Next stop: Pisa…..DSCN2702DSCN2708.JPG



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