GENOVA – Day two – pt 1

I had two definite destinations in mind for my second day in Genova.  The first was the Chiesa di S. Agostino and it’s adjoining Museo di scultura e Architettura Ligure, or the Sant Agostino Museum.  It is in this complex that the Holy Grail now lives.

Right outside of the museum complex is a small piazza, Piazza di Sarzano, with a few tiny food markets along it, as well as a lovely old well, smack in the middle.DSCN2331DSCN2333DSCN2332The church is now basically a museum also, with exhibits set up – the center piece of which is the famous Holy Grail – a six sided bright green bowl that was the cup used at the last supper.  This is all accessed by walking through the first cloister and turning to the right.DSCN2337The rest of the museum is also quite fascinating, and much larger than one thinks.  It envelops three floors of exhibit space in what was once the convent of the church.  I highly recommend buying a ticket, and taking the time to experience this.

The next item on the agenda for the day was a stroll to the seafront, and then a leisurely walk to the delightful Borgo di Boccadasse – an old fishing village that has now been incorporated into the city of Genova.  While on the way to the waterfront, we happened upon a group of young people staging some kind of protest – but in a very unique, fun way.DSCN2340Again, I love walking through the streets of this city.  There is beauty everywhere you look, from doorways to small monuments along the side of the road, I always find something that catches my eye.DSCN2348DSCN2351DSCN2363DSCN2364DSCN2366As we walked we had the port area on one side, while on the other liberty style buildings – rather grand ones, in fact!DSCN2369DSCN2373DSCN2375We soon arrived at Corso Italia – a waterfront promenade which is what one takes all the way to Boccadasse.  As it was a lovely Saturday afternoon, it soon began filling up with the Genovese, out for an afternoon stroll, just like we were.  It really is a lovely walk.DSCN2381DSCN2383DSCN2389DSCN2393DSCN2395DSCN2399DSCN2400DSCN2401DSCN2404DSCN2409Lunch was had at a small seaside bathing establishment that also had a kitchen.  I had what had to be the best seafood risotto that I have ever had.  The plate of food with a bottle of Cinotto (an italian soft drink) was a perfect lunch and cost me less than ten euro.DSCN2410DSCN2414DSCN2418DSCN2428DSCN2435DSCN2436My excitement grew as I caught a glimpse of the Chiesa di S. Antonio da Padova, as I knew from online research that the tiny hamlet of Boccadasse lay just on the other side of it.  We were almost there……..

Next up:  Genova – Day Two – pt 2


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